A curious girl who enjoys seeing the pig experience pain and embarassment. She wears a red dress and white socks.
A pig in sunglasses.
In 1998, I created the comic strip her! as a replacement for Convenience Store, a cartoon I was drawing for the now defunct react magazine (circulation 4.5 million). React wanted me to start doing my cartoons in color and I wanted to shop Convenience Store around to the cartoon syndicates, so I used the opportunity to show them a brand-new, full-color cartoon called her! about a girl and a pig...and they agreed! One of the first iterations of the strip involved the pig and a waiter living on a deserted island. Terrible!
The girl and pig had a good run until June 5, 2000 when the heavily-in-debt react shut down for good.
In June 2001, I started drawing her! again...this time as a web-only comic strip!
The Pig: I created the pig in college while trying to come up with a cartoon for the school newspaper, The Leader. I came up with a strip called We Three Pigs about three little ultra-violent pigs with sunglasses who love to hurt and embarrass this wolf. It was lame and I gave up on it. Eventually, I started drawing Convenience Store and later on They Tell My I'm Annoying for the The Leader. A few years later I resurrected one of the pigs for my new cartoon her!
The Girl: No story. I just made her up for the new cartoon and named it after her.
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